Bespoke Cuban Holidays for the Discerning Traveller

I’m not one for telling secrets – especially my own – so this little place has been my own private Idaho for many years now. But,knowing you’ll probably only go there for the day, I’ve decided to share.
The Jibacoa beaches are off the lovely eastern coast road out of Havana and will only take you just over an hour to get there. Give yourself an extra 30 minutes, though, to drink the best pina colada’s in Cuba – at the nearby El Penon.(See last weeks blog).
A couple of kilometres from El Penon follow the signs down to the right and you’ll enter into a magical, windingly wooded area. The first beach is Jibacoa. Drive on, right by the ocean, for a couple of kilometres (past 4 or 5 Cuban camp sites) until you come to the Breezes Superclub Hotel. Just a tad further on is some bumpy, open land where you can park. Here, then, are two really lovely, intimate beaches to enjoy. The first ‘belongs’ to Breezes and the other to a smaller hotel, Villa Tropicoco, but anyone is allowed to use the first 2 metres in from the sea.
And here’s where your flippers come in. Jibacoa is not the Australian Coral reef but its fish and corals are gorgeous. They’re also so close you can swim out to them. Check with the hotel Lifeguards where the best snorkelling places are and then …breathe in, breathe out and behold the wonder of it all.

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