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COMING TO CUBA? My top 10 things to pack

by | Mar 17, 2016

Lots of people write asking me what essentials they’ll need for their trip to Cuba. I know that some of these may sound like we’re going camping instead of luxury holidaying – but you’ll thank me later.

From shoes and brollies to mosquito spray and safety pins

COMFY SHOES OR SANDALS – for all the walking around most of you will inevitably do.

EVENING SHOES OR SANDALS – for smart nights out and so that Cubans don’t feel sorry for you when you arrive at the ballet in your comfy walking shoes.

A COUPLE OF CLOTHING ITEMS – that can double as smart and casual. Like a plain, black silk dress, for example.

SOMETHING WARM – like a small Uniqlo jacket or wrap of some kind.

MOSQUITO SPRAY & NET – spray is crucial as Dengue Fever and other mozzie-borne delights are around. You might drop the net but I find it indispensable especially if I’m in the countryside. REPEL spray, and Pop-Up Net (from PYRAMID), are excellent.

TRAVELLERS WATER PURIFYER – with this you can literally fill up your bottle from a street puddle (I know you won’t) or bathroom tap and in 3 seconds it’s perfectly fit to drink. You always need water. (I hear STERIpen is good).

COMPACT LIGHT BROLLY –Cubans wisely employ their brollies to protect from the rain and sun.

SWISS ARMY KNIFE – I know we’re not making campfires but a SAK prepares you for anything; from opening a bottle of wine to snipping off unraveling cotton from the hem of your skirt.

SUN CREAM & HAT – It’s H O T when it’s hot.

SMALL BAG – include nuts/raisins for healthy snacks (v hard to find here), mending kit, plasters, cotton wool and antiseptic cream, nail varnish remover (often impossible to find) and a packet of antiseptic wipes.

For more information and to get the most out of your holiday, please check our travel advice services and explore the best selection of cuban experiences.

Sue Herrod


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