Bespoke Cuban Holidays for the Discerning Traveller

The most stylish way to travel around Cuba…

Imagine… you’ve planned every last detail of your perfect Cuban holiday with our expert team here at Esencia. You know the dream, 5 star hotel you’ll be staying in, and you’ve made a lot of plans for what to see, do and experience during your trip. There’s one thing still in the back of your mind – how will you get around and travel in Cuba?

You will certainly want to travel around the island and see and feel as much of it as you can, so transport is a necessity. However, you won’t want to take public transport every time you want to visit a new Cuban city, beach or museum. For that reason, you need to choose your ideal transportation. Here is what we here at Esencia think is one of the best ways to travel in Cuba

The most iconic way to travel in Cuba

Cuba is known for its vintage ‘time warp’ style, as lots here has not changed dramatically from the 1960s when the country when through its revolution. One of the most obvious ways you can still see this style is through the cars driving around Cuba; in other countries you’ll only be able to see them in museums or classic car shows!

This is also an amazing, fun and very luxurious way to travel around Cuba – by classic car! You will really look the part as you cruise along the highway in a convertible classic car, with the blowing through your hair and the radio blasting Spanish guitar music. Hiring a classic car is probably the ultimate way to experience travelling around Cuba, and here at Esencia, we can help find the perfect one for your trip. And if you don’t fancy driving yourself around Cuba,  we can even organise for you to have a private driver during your stay, who will take care of all of the driving, directions, and make sure you get around in style.

Whether you do choose to hire a car (certainly the best way to travel in Cuba) or want to experience how local Cuban people travel everyday, you can rest assured that here at Esencia Experiences, we will take care of all the travel arrangements for you; so you can simply plan where you’d like to go, and then sit back and enjoy it! Contact us now so we can organise your dream Cuban holiday.

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