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Travel from America to Cuba – 5 Things You Need to Know

For many, Cuba is a dream holiday destination. It’s been difficult to holiday in Cuba over the last few decades, and the scarcity of trips to this exotic Caribbean island has made potential travellers even more intrigued.

With the recent easing in travel restrictions between the USA and Cuba, travel is now totally acceptable between the two nations. But there seem to be a lot of misconceptions about what it takes to travel to Cuba from America, and a lot of people think it still requires a lot of work. This simply is not the case – it’s easier than ever before to holiday in Cuba, and it’s worthwhile coming here before everyone finds that out!

Travelling to Cuba now will allow you to explore one of the most interesting and beautiful nations on the planet, before it becomes overpopulated with tourists and holiday companies. To help you understand more about how easy it is to travel to Cuba from the USA, we have put together a list of 5 things you need to know about the process.

You can now travel alone

In the past, due to rules and regulations, travel to Cuba was only afforded to large groups travelling together. There had to be a purpose for the trip, and visiting was difficult for solo travellers, or those travelling in a couple. Luckily, this is no longer the case. Due to the advances in the relationship between Cuba and America, there is now no requirement to be travelling in a large group. Couples, small groups and individuals are welcome and able to travel to Cuba, allowing you to plan your holiday on your own terms and enjoy yourself at every moment.

You don’t need to worry about permission

Since December 2014, there has been a great easing of the travel restrictions between Cuba and America. This means that travelling between the two countries is now much easier than before. Cuba is more than happy to welcome American tourists into the country! For any paperwork or documentation that is required, Esencia can assist and will take care of this for you.

You no longer have to stick to an itinerary

The past requirement to travel from the USA to Cuba in an organised group meant that holidays here were often at the mercy of a limiting and constricting itinerary. This often meant that holidaymakers couldn’t make their own decisions, and relied on other people, and a schedule, to try and experience Cuba. Now this has been abolished, many holiday operators are still maintaining the boring, group travel regulations – but Esencia Experiences are one of the few providing you with independent, individual travel in Cuba. Now, you can get lost in the magic of Cuba on your own terms, create your own timetable, and decide for yourself how you want to spend your time on your dream holiday.

You can fly from multiple airports, to multiple airports

People often assume that because of the history between Cuba and America, and the relatively small size of a Caribbean island, there is only a limited choice when it comes to flying to and from your holiday. This is not the case – flights can arrive into a number of airports on the island. And while flights are not available in every US state, they are being a more common sight – they regularly leave from Miami, and are frequent from major cities on the East Coast, including New York City.

The flights are short

Travellers from the USA are in a unique position over travellers from the rest of the world, in that the flight time to Cuba is short and simple! As a holiday destination, it is much more reasonable to travel to than other, further flung luxury destinations!

Your luxury holiday in Cuba is now easier to experience than it ever has been before. There’s no better time to make your dreams become a reality, and travel from the USA into Cuba to see the intriguing beauty, history and culture for yourself…

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