Bespoke Cuban Holidays for the Discerning Traveller

Don’t miss out on these amazing things to do in Cuba!

When you’re enjoying your luxury holiday in Cuba, there’s so much to see and do, it could be overwhelming!

One of the greatest things about this amazing island is the fact that, if you choose, every minute of your holiday can be filled. We’re sure that you have a long list of things to do in Cuba, of dreams you’d love to be realised, and we’re here to make sure that happens! Here are some suggestions for things you can do during your time in the most beautiful island in the Caribbean…

Beautiful beaches

There’s nothing quite like wandering along a golden beach, feeling the warm, soft sand between your toes and listening to the crystal blue waves gently crashing. Happily, Cuba is the perfect place to experience this whenever you’d like! You should definitely make a trip (perhaps even multiple trips!) to the beach one of your top things to do in Cuba. As Cuba is a Caribbean island, there are miles upon miles of breathtaking beach for you to explore; whether you want to lie back and relax while sipping a delicious cocktail, or take to the seas for a relaxing fishing trip or high powered boat ride!

Sights to see

Thanks to its intriguing history and varied cultural heritage (Cuban ancestry includes Spanish, French, African, South American and a lot more) there are so many sights and sounds that you must take in. At the top of your list of things to do in Cuba should be visiting the awe inspiring original architecture in Havana’s old square, and  feeling the sea breeze in your hair as you explore the Malecon (Cuba’s 5 mile long sea wall), where you can find everything from live musicians and street performers, to unique food and trinket stalls. History fans should make sure they take in all of Havana’s museums, which showcase both artefacts and art that tell the enthralling story of life in Cuba, past and present. Also, a trip to Hemingway’s house is the perfect thing to do in Cuba for literary lovers!

Culture and nightlife

It’s not just your days in Cuba that will be filled with things to do; exploring the eccentric nightlife of the island should definitely be on your list too! Partying in Cuba is unlike anywhere else, with its lively dance clubs, delicious food and bars with staff who can whip up an expert Mojito just for you! Listen to the fabulous live music and show off your best dance moves as you party the night away…

Explore all of this and more with Esencia

Our number one priority is tailoring your perfect Cuban experiences together to create your dream holiday here on the island. We promise that there’ll never be a dull moment (unless that’s what you want!) Think of all the things you want to do in Cuba, and we’ll make it happen for you…

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