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A first impression of the capital Havana

by | Jul 10, 2014

It was only a few days ago that I was talking with a couple of foreign residents here – quite devotedly I might add – about a certain British weekly. We waxed lyrical that this superb publication saved us (when we could get hold of it) from world news oblivion and from hours of top-story surfing. But, most importantly, that it gave us – in short, smart and pithy, paragraphs – what we most wanted: résumés of three or four diverse, quality UK newspaper opinions of issues ranging from current affairs and health to best books and best new films. Got it? I´m sure you have. It’s THE (wonderful) WEEK.

I was more than happy, then, to jump right to it when a friend asked if I had time to meet up with the paper´s travel editor, Tom Yarwood. And, that after lots of tea and biscuits, he (a very sweet and charming man) agreed to give me his first impressions of La Habana.

A first impression of the Capital Havana - Esencia ExperiencesHe describes a dream-like quality, a sense of being frozen in time, the architectural beauty,  proximity to the sea, the relative sense of peace and personal safety, a slower pace and the space to think and create (helped by far less access to internet/cel/phones etc). But, he added, it’s not boring! He had the idea that here one could be less of a consumer and more of producer. And that – a very good idea expressed very succinctly, a la Week – is what they pay him for!

Tom says he´s interested in coming back and for a longer time. It may be to write or it may be to develop his first work and passion, film-making. Whatever, we hope he does. And I hope (hint!) that this time he remembers to pack a few back copies. Gracias!

Sue Herrod

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