Bespoke Cuban Holidays for the Discerning Traveller

Hemingway’s Cuba – discover it for yourself…

Perhaps one of the USA’s most famous links to Cuba is the fact that esteemed writer Ernest Hemingway spent a lot of his life here on the beautiful Caribbean island. Hemingway was one of the most prolific, beloved writers of the 1900s, and the fact that he chose Cuba as the backdrop for much his life is one of the most interesting and famous facts about the country. He wrote a lot of his best and most famous work in Cuba – and he also very much enjoyed his time here! Hemingway’s love of Cuba is so well documented that many Americans know of the island as his home.

We can certainly understand why Hemingway loved Cuba so much – the sunshine and balmy weather, the peace and quiet by the sea, then the music and culture of the cities by night. If you like the sound of Hemingway’s Cuban lifestyle, you’d probably love to experience some of the magic on your bespoke, luxury holiday to Cuba

Esencia Experiences can organise a special Hemingway Tour for you to consider when you’re planning your Cuban holiday with us – it’s the definitive Hemingway tour, and an intriguing, exciting look back over his life and the things he loved to do. If you are visiting Cuba and are particularly interested in literature and culture, our tour is an 11 day itinerary, and it’s a wonderful way to take in different parts of Cuba while at the same time experiencing a taste of the lifestyle of the great man. You can find the complete itinerary for the Hemingway tour on our designated page, but to pique your interest, here’s a taste of what it includes…

  • A visit to the Hemingway Museum, along with other art museums in Havana that he loved to visit – you’ll be astounded at the beautiful paintings and sculptures here for you to view.
  • Trips and tours along the Cuban coastlines and to the beaches Hemingway loved to visit – including undertaking some of his favourite pastimes, such as sailing and fishing.
  • Nights out to some of Cuba’s most famous nighttime haunts, where you can sample some of the drinks, food and music that Hemingway so famously loved, and party the night away in style!

Of course, as this is an Esencia Experiences trip, it goes without saying that your accommodation, transport and service throughout the whole holiday will be second to none – you’ll be a VIP guest the whole time you’re here!

For more information about our Hemingway Tour, or about your bespoke, luxury holiday to Cuba, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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