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POST OBAMA, POST JUMPIN JACK: Cuba in transition

by | Mar 29, 2016

The only topic of conversation to be had right now in Havana is about Barack Obama, the Rolling Stones, or both. US President Obama’s 3-day visit to Cuba ended last Tuesday, the Stones concert last night and the city is still reeling.

Boeing 747’s, cutting-edge technology, emotion, charisma & communication skills

Obama and his elegant family swept in aboard the customised Boeing 747 presidential jet with an entourage estimated at 1,000 and a fleet of vehicles which included the two ‘’Beasts’’ and a mobile hospital. Havana came to a standstill as they criss-crossed the city, flashing convoys of police ahead. Cuba did itself proud regarding security and Obama seemed to greatly charm and impress most who saw him. Mick and his crew swept in three days later (also via private jet) following the delivery of 61 containers carrying 500 tons of equipment, a Boeing 747 (obviously the plane of choice) carrying the extras and with cutting-edge sound/visuals to take the breath away. They dazzled the crowd with their virtuosity and Jagger amazed all with his trademark strut. These guys still rock at 70 plus and its inspiring stuff. Rolling Stones Concert Cuba | Esencia Experiences The power of both (status, charisma, technology, apparatus and communication skills) was palpable and the emotional message that resounded from both was ‘Change’. This change is obvious in Old Havana with its explosion of new restaurants, bars and private renting houses. It’s far less obvious in the outskirts and provinces where there’s no contact with tourism. They say that tradition rarely resists modernity but can Cuba – now inviting in its powerful neighbour – enjoy development without takeover? Is this just starters before the main dishes – Walmart, Starbucks and Home Depot – sweep in too? This question is the one most Cubans end up asking as they mull over the US President and Jack Flash. Sue Herrod

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