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FAVORITE HAVANA CAFÉ: El Dandy, Plaza Cristo

by | Jun 22, 2015

How many places do you know – apart from your own front room – where you can sit undisturbed in a cosy, intimate, space, pick up an interesting book or magazine, or put on an old Frankie, Nat or Ella vinyl over a cold beer, mint tea or Cuban espresso? Not too many, I´d guess. Well, here is such a place.candy3

El Dandy is owned and run by Anders Rising (and family); a Swiss photographer who has lived in the capital for over 25 years. The venue is petite; a traditional, corner property with large front and side doors overlooking the lovely old Plaza Cristo – an up-and-coming area designated for major restoration/development in 2015/6. cand2

Sitting in your own front room

Inside there’s just space for one largish table and four chairs, a smaller one with two seats, an old-style rattan sofa and two matching rockers – and the wonderful old record player. Albums are stacked up alongside packed-to the-rafters bookshelves;

the latter crammed with multi-themed tomes: hours of leisure and pleasure here.

The Rising family has got it just about right – for me at least. It is like sitting in your own front room  – and it makes me dream of the day when I can pop down there, first thing, hum along to ´´Unforgettable´´, and sip my first coffee of the day.

El Dandy: Corner ofCalleBrasil (known as Teniente Rey) & Villegas, Plaza Cristo, Old Havana. Open 10am-11pm. Tel: 78676463.

Sue Herrod


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