Bespoke Cuban Holidays for the Discerning Traveller

Back in 2013 I wrote about “…the young designer of the moment here in Havana Idania del Rio”.

We were all particularly excited because the young woman in question was renovating a beautiful space in Old Havana; set to be a new studio/design shop. It took a wee bit longer that she thought (big surprise) but last week CLANDESTINA finally opened its lovingly restored doors. The secrets out – and it’s fabulous.

Idania del Rio (disguise, below!) has done what very few have managed. In a place where mass production can be pretty tough going she has slogged away and made the leap; turning her more private work public – and in a very up-and-coming spot indeed. Her shop is just three blocks down from the soon-to-be seat of Parliament – the Capitolio building – an area which is slowly being restored by the city´s esteemed Historians Office.donald

T-Shirts, pillow slips and posters

There’s not much in there yet: a small section of printed witticisms (t-shirts), her crazy pillow slips (on the theme of sleep) and some great silk-screen posters. But it’s a really wonderfully designed, light and airy, two-story space that’s worth visiting. And she´s already hard at work in the upstairs workshop, cooking up more of her one-off, quirky schemes.t-shirts

T-shirts cost 15cucs, posters are variable, and the pillow slips have yet to be priced!

Do not miss.

CLANDESTINA: 403, Calle Villegas, btw Brasil (known as Teniente Rey) & Muralla, Old Havana. Open: Mon- Sat, 10am-8pm. Cel: 05 3814802.


Sue Herrod

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