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A quick guide to Havana, Cuba’s most vibrant city

Havana is Cuba’s most iconic and well known city – and with very good reason. It has an intriguing history and a really vibrant, varied cultural heritage – there’s always a lot going on, and there’s something here for everyone to enjoy.

If you’re planning a trip to Cuba, you must include a visit to this wonderful city – you’ll regret it if you don’t. It’s a place loved by couples and groups of friends, both old and young, and Havana itself is like nowhere else in the Caribbean; it’s a blend of Caribbean and Latin American cultures that have combined to create an atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else!

To further tempt you to come and explore the delights of Havana, here is our brief guide to what you must get up to if you visit here…


Due to Havana’s rich history and cultural heritage, there are a lot of museums that are really worth visiting. Particular stand outs are the Museum of the Revolution, which documents Fidel Castro’s rise to power and his subsequent reign, the Napoleonic Museum and Hemingway’s Home – where you can view the writer’s residence and his personal artefacts.

Spanish Old Colonial Town

The oldest part of Havana (conveniently named ‘Old Havana’), this popular area was the original city, when the island first became established. It’s worth going to explore the history of Havana here, as well as marvelling at the old architecture – definitely one for the photographers amongst you.


The Malecon is one of the most iconic parts of Havana – its 8km sea view drive. Perfect for a relaxed, afternoon cruise in your vintage model car, you can take in the truly breathtaking views of the Caribbean coastline, and plan which beaches you’d love to visit during your stay on the island.


Havana is renowned for its vibrant nightlife – and with very good reason! This city is the ultimate place for a night out. Food, drinks and dancing are an absolute must here. You can get involved with the locals at a dance club – such as the infamous Tropicana nightclub – and party the night away to the best live music the city has to offer.

We hope our highlights of Havana have convinced you that this really is a city you must come and visit! To plan your experience in Cuba, please contact us here at Esencia, so we can help you organise your perfect trip!

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