Bespoke Cuban Holidays for the Discerning Traveller

Exploring everything Cuba has to offer

Cuba is a small island – but it’s also one of the most culturally and naturally rich lands on the planet.
Though it’s size is dwarfed in comparison to that of the USA, if you’re coming to visit Cuba, we know you’ll be amazed by everything that this beautiful nation has to offer – you’ll be spoilt for choice with everything you can explore.

It may be small in size, but it’s impossible to explore Cuba in its entirety in one visit; although you could give it a good go! Cuba has so much to offer, and you’ll need to come back and visit the island again many times if you want to get to know every detail.

It’s amazing that there’s so much to explore in Cuba, but it could also be a little overwhelming. For that reason we’ve put together a guide to the different areas of Cuba that you don’t want to miss during your stay…

Explore Cuban cities

Cuban cities are some of the most interesting and entertaining in the world. Havana is certainly the most famous of Cuban cities, and with good reason. It’s the most cultural, colourful and entertaining place on the whole island, and there’s so much to explore here. From the interesting history of the city, to its food and drink, and the eclectic cultural heritage that has led to fabulous music, dance and art, there’s nowhere else quite like Havana – and you’re sure to get totally swept up in its amazing atmosphere.

Explore the natural wonder of Cuba

Cuba’s natural landscape is beautiful and really varied. Whether you choose to explore the many breathtaking beaches (along with the marine wildlife) along the coastlines, or head into the Cuban countryside for an peaceful excursion, the natural backdrop of Cuba is really a sight to behold.

Explore all the adventure Cuba has to offer

Though you may be on holiday in Cuba looking for a relaxing escape from your everyday life, you’d be a fool to not explore the more adventurous side of Cuba. Whether you’re after a more experimental holiday experience such as a sailing or eco-tourism package, or you’re being more culturally adventurous with a themed ‘Hemingway’ holiday in Havana, there’s lots to gain from breaking away from the norm on a holiday in Cuba!

If all of this has intrigued you to come and explore Cuba for yourself, what are you waiting for?! Contact us here at Esencia so we can help you start to plan your perfect Cuban vacation

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