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by | Feb 24, 2016

Find out about the gorgeous Cuban weather, and what to expect during your bespoke holiday….

When people imagine an island in the Caribbean, like Cuba is, they have in image in their minds of beaming sunshine, crystal clear blue skies and the warm feel of sun on their skin. We’re very pleased to say that when you arrive in Cuba for your bespoke holiday with Esencia Experiences, you will find that image becomes a reality!

Cuba, like the rest of the Caribbean, is a country that’s generally lucky enough to have incredible weather, all year round. Whichever time of year you visit, you’ll be able to enjoy the brilliant sun and the balmy heat. Whether you’re soaking it all up on the beach or enjoying a cool Mojito in a Havana bar, the Cuban weather really does make a great impact on your holiday.

So, what exactly can you expect from Cuban weather?

Being located in the Caribbean, Cuba is a warm place, often very humid. There are year round temperatures averaging at around the mid-20s. So whenever you decide to visit, you’re guaranteed warmth and sunshine; ideal for your luxury Cuban holiday!

You may often hear that there are some times of the year when Cuban weather makes the country easier to visit and travel around. While it is is true that the weather can vary throughout the year, it’s perfectly safe to visit whenever you want to!

There is indeed a ‘rainy season’, which is May through to October. Although the name sounds very dramatic, it in fact simply means that there is a greater chance of showers at this time of year – nothing to worry about! Cuban weather is, in this sense, very similar to the climate in Southern states of America at that time of year (especially Florida). You may have to take shelter for half an hour in the afternoons, but aside from that everyday will be filled with warmth and sunshine.

However, If the ‘rainy season’ is enough to put you off, ‘dry season’ is considered to be from November until April. This is generally regarded to be the ideal time of year to visit Cuba; although again, there is no point in the year when the Cuban weather will stop you from enjoying yourself. Visiting between November and April will give you non-stop sun, so if you’re really looking for some uninterrupted sunbathing, this is the time for you!

If you would like any more information about Cuban weather and how it could have an impact on your bespoke holiday, please simply contact us here at Esencia Experiences or take a look at our Havana weather guide.

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