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by | Jan 27, 2016

Your one of a kind holiday will be even more enjoyable when you know not to fall into these Cuban tourist traps….

As with every new country, inexperienced travellers are often at the disadvantage of misunderstanding (whether that’s the language or local customs), and unfortunately there are times when locals will take advantage of tourists naievity. Falling into Cuban tourist traps could be a major concern for any holidaymakers planning a visit to the country.

When you organise your Cuban holiday with us here at Esencia Experiences, you will know that every last detail will be planned perfectly to accommodate you and your needs. We will take care of everything for you, from organising transport to booking places for you to eat and drink each evening. There are countless benefits to our approach, and one major positive is the fact that having every aspect of your holiday carefully and thoughtfully planned means that there will be no chance of you falling into a tourist trap during your stay.

This planned approach works in perfect harmony with our expert team. Here at Esencia, our team have been working within Cuban tourism for years, and know the country like the back of our hands. We will know if you are being taken for a ride; and we will be able to make sure it doesn’t affect you in any way.

If you are travelling to the country soon and are in anyway concerned about Cuban tourist traps, here are some of the most common that you should be aware of…

  • Public transport drivers

If you are taking any kind of public transport anywhere, you should keep your wits about you and stand firm on the first price you were quoted. It can happen that midway through your trip, your driver may decide to change his route or to pick up some other travellers, and then attempt to charge you more for his troubles.

  • Pre-arranged tours

If you have organised your own pre-arranged tour or trip, very often you will find that these do not include half of what the itinerary states, and yet you will still be charged for the full day plan.

  • Anyone promising you ‘amistad’

This is the promise of doing something ‘for friendship’ as opposed to money transfer; however, this promise is not always followed through on! You may find yourself suddenly being charged for something you were promised would be free of charge.

As your holiday with Esencia means that you probably will never need to come up against any of these situations, it’s unlikely that you will fall victim to any Cuban tourist traps. However, you should always keep your eyes peeled and your mind switched on, so that you’re aware of what is happening and to make sure you’re receiving what is fair and correct.

For any further information about Cuba, please contact us here at Esencia Experiences.

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