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The idea for this popular music venue – originally called No Se Lo Digas a Nadie (Don’t tell anyone!) – came, a couple of years ago, from Carlos Alfonso (founder of the island´s most famous fusion band, Sintesis) and his singer/songwriter daughter, M Alfonso. Their idea was to create a space where people could hear music that was both good and affordable. Affordable meant in local money as, frustratingly, many of the capitals best jazz and fusion venues charged in Cuban convertibles (cucs) and most Cubans don’t have many of those. So it was great news for Havana and has since become part of a much wider trend to offer more venues at more affordable prices.

Needless to say, everyone did tell so now it’s not always that easy to get in. But NSLDAN (now known as Bertolt Brecht) is worth going early and queuing for. Once inside (take a cardi – the air conditioning can be on the Arctic side) you will find a lovely, low ceilinged, 50`s style space that is perfect for the informal, but quality, concerts that are now on offer. From Sintesis to M Alfonso, David Torrens, Qba Libre, Polito Ibáñez and Aldo Lopez Gavilán, you´ll hear some of the best contemporary Cuban fusion for less than a couple of Cadbury`s flakes. So, no se lo digas a everyone on the plane, ok?

Open: Wednesday – Sunday. Music starts around 11.30 – best arrive before 10.30pm.
Entry: 50 pesos, or 2 cucs.
Bar: Prices reasonable – though bar area very smoky.
Teatro Bertolt Brecht, Calle 13 e/I y J, Vedado Tel: 8301354/8329359



If you are interested in discovering some of the most unique music venues that are hidden away from the city’s urban veneer, take one of our tours to explore hidden Havana.

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