Bespoke Cuban Holidays for the Discerning Traveller

Havana is not San Francisco. There are not hundreds, or even dozens, of gay clubs, café´s, bookshops or advice centres
in the capital. But, comparing like with like, Cuba is light years ahead of other Latin and Caribbean countries when it
comes to being LGBT (Lesbian/ Gay/ Bi/ Trans-sexual) friendly. This was very clearly, and happily, demonstrated last
week as the city ended its month-long series of meetings, seminars and exhibitions – culminating in Saturdays (May 15th)
Gay Pride march. The initiative – Campaign against Homophobia – is predominantly led by the National Sexual Education Centre
(CENEX) which is headed by Raul Castro s daughter, Mariella. It was she who led an estimated 1, 000 supporters on the short march –
up one of Havana´s main streets, La Rampa – before they entered Pabellon Cuba (a local cultural/exhibition centre) to eat, meet,
drink and be very merry.


After you have attended the march, discover the best places to party with our guide ‘3 great gay places to party in Cuba’.

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