Bespoke Cuban Holidays for the Discerning Traveller

Havana is not San Francisco. There are not hundreds, or even dozens, of gay clubs, café´s, bookshops or advice centres
in the capital. But, comparing like with like, Cuba is light years ahead of other Latin and Caribbean countries when it
comes to being LGBT (Lesbian/ Gay/ Bi/ Trans-sexual) friendly. This was very clearly, and happily, demonstrated last
week as the city ended its month-long series of meetings, seminars and exhibitions – culminating in Saturdays (May 15th)
Gay Pride march. The initiative – Campaign against Homophobia – is predominantly led by the National Sexual Education Centre
(CENEX) which is headed by Raul Castro s daughter, Mariella. It was she who led an estimated 1, 000 supporters on the short march –
up one of Havana´s main streets, La Rampa – before they entered Pabellon Cuba (a local cultural/exhibition centre) to eat, meet,
drink and be very merry.

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