Bespoke Cuban Holidays for the Discerning Traveller

Explore the nightlife of Cuba!

When your days are filled up with relaxing or exploring, your evening should be just as entertaining! That’s where Cuban nightlife really comes into it’s own. Whatever you do during your evenings, they will be nights to remember and the balmy twilight heat, the twinkling city lights and loud laughter will always stay with you.

You’ll be inundated with things to do every evening once you arrive, but just to plan ahead, here are some ideas of what Cuban nightlife is like, and what you can expect…

The Cuban dance scene

We’ve talked before about the legacy and popularity of traditional Cuban dance styles, and Cuban nightlife is the perfect place to see this is action. There are so many amazing dance clubs (particularly salsa clubs) all across the island, and you absolutely must go and experience them. Have some drinks and then get up and party with the locals! It doesn’t matter if you’re not the best dancer (although you’ll soon notice that Cubans all seem to be very good!), so dance clubs are the perfect place to let loose, relax and really enjoy yourself.

Bars and Restaurants

The world famous Mojito cocktail originated here in Cuba, so it would be a crime not to come here and not sample one or two! The Cuban food scene has exploded in popularity over the last few years, due to the amazing mix of cultural influences that inspires the cuisine here. Bars and restaurants in Cuba all have an amazing atmosphere and they’re the perfect place to begin your night before moving onto somewhere a little bit more lively afterwards…

Music Scene

If you’re looking for somewhere to while away the evening hours in a slightly more relaxed manner, take in some live music at a bar, club, or even out in one of the public squares. There are amazing musicians playing all over Cuba, and you can relax and listen to their mesmerising sounds while you sip a delicious cocktail. There’s no need to dance, if that’s not your thing.

Cuba is renowned as a place to party! If you’re looking for a holiday destination with some of the greatest evening entertainment in the world, Cuban nightlife definitely has everything you could wish for…

The time to visit Cuba for an ultimate party would be during one of its many carnivals, as Cuban cities really come to life like at no other time! Although it really is true; whenever you visit, you’ll be enthralled by the Cuban nightlife and have an amazing time.


If you are interested in a tailored trip that gives you the opportunity to learn about Cuba’s wealth of musical heritage and experience the Cuban nightlife, take one of our music and dance holidays.

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