Bespoke Cuban Holidays for the Discerning Traveller

Explore the beautiful natural backdrop of Cuba

When people think of Cuba, they probably imagine the busy, fast moving cities, filled with people, lights and the hustle and bustle of everyone rushing to go about their daily lives. Or, they imagine laying back on an unspoiled beach, on the warm sand, under the shade of a palm tree.

If they really knew about the island, they would know there’s so much more to Cuban nature than these two extremes! The Cuban natural landscape is varied and diverse, and it is so worth exploring during your luxury holiday here.

Get lost in the natural wonders of Cuba

Here at Esencia Experiences, one of the many amazing travel ideas we can organise for you includes an eco-tourism package, where you can really get back to basics, experience the great outdoors and the best of what Cuban nature has to offer.

This is a side of Cuba that the average holidaymaker won’t get to experience, as they will stick to the city centres and the most popular beaches. When you wander off the beaten track and really take the time to explore Cuba’s natural beauty, you’ll be seeing things most people can only dream of.

You could take a trip to the hills and mountains of Cuba, breathing in the fresh air, surrounded by luscious grasslands, rivers and waterfalls. While you’re here, you can’t help but notice the wildlife and animals all around you, and you can get up close and personal with them by partaking in bird watching or horseback riding. Cuba’s national parks are the perfect location for this, where you can wander the rolling hills undisturbed, marvelling at the beauty around you, and taking a quiet moment of reflection.

Perhaps you’d like to experience Cuban nature, but also stay near those famous beaches so you’re always ready for some relaxing in the sunshine! This is perfectly okay; there’s plenty of nature to experience along the coastline. Make the most of this by exploring the rocky shores of the crystal blue waters on a boat or fishing trip, where you can see first hand the mesmerising colours of the fish and sea creatures that populate the ocean here.

Choosing to explore the natural beauty of Cuba will give you the chance to move at a slower pace, enjoying some gentle fresh air and peace and quiet away from the bright lights of the cities. If you’d love to include some natural beauty in your luxury Cuban holiday, please let us know; contact us here at Esencia Experiences to get started…

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