Bespoke Cuban Holidays for the Discerning Traveller

Get lost in the music of Cuba!

Like many other aspects of the country, Cuban music is a fusion of different styles and influences. It is an enticing combination of many different types of music, brought over to the country through generations, as different groups began to settle here.

Cuban music is the perfect soundtrack to your holiday; this lively, vivacious country is always ready for a party, and the music you will hear everywhere you go definitely proves that!

What elements have influenced Cuban music?

Most prominently, Cuban music has been influenced by African and European (particularly Spanish settlers). You can imagine the scene as these settlers adjusted to their new home on the island, making music that reminded them of home. Through time, this has filtered down to become more of an influence than a direct copy of the music, although you can still clearly hear the effects of this original music centuries later.

Classic guitar in Cuba

Like many other countries in the world that carry a heavy Spanish influence, classic guitar playing is very popular in Cuba, and you’re sure to hear someone playing this iconic music whether you’re in a bar or a public square. There is even a national Cuban Guitar School, to ensure that the instrument, and the vital part it plays to the Cuban atmosphere, is maintained.

Cuban music and dance are, of course, linked together

It’s difficult to say what came first; the dance styles or the music! It is clear to see that the two are joined together completely, and for every style of traditional Cuban dance, there is music to accompany. The most popular type, heard most often in clubs across Cuba, would have to be Salsa.

Cuban music today

Cuban music today is more of a treat for the ears than ever before! Showcasing both the original influences that made Cuban music what it is, then the dance styles, the jazz and guitar music that is so popular today…it’s really a musical wonderland!

You won’t be able to keep your feet from dancing during your Cuban holiday! Wherever you go, enjoy it, and we know you won’t be able to get it out of your head once you leave!


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