Bespoke Cuban Holidays for the Discerning Traveller

I was due to meet someone here the other day (Hotel Nacional – a must for visitors) but got delayed by this very charming spectacle right outside the main entrance.
It was a wedding – a lo cubano – and if you have a spare bob or two it’s definitely the way to go. Classic cars like this one – suitably heart, ribbon-and-bow adorned – will get you to the church on time, and in style.

This particular bride and groom had already tied the knot and cruised Havana´s promenande (el Malecon), horns a-hooting, as is traditional, before regally gliding into the Nacional´s driveway for a reception on the grand, sea-view hotel lawn. I had my own wedding do here and, despite now being divorced, can highly recommend it! Here´s to the happy couple, then – in sickness, in health, and in the snazzy, silver convertible.


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