Bespoke Cuban Holidays for the Discerning Traveller

Yusnavy, Yotuél, Mileidy could be what? Food or drink brand names, perhaps. Or maybe small villages tucked away in the deep, luxuriant Cuban countryside? Then there´s Yuserrfor. Yuserrfor, I ask a friend? Oh, you know, he answered (like I would know) – US AIRFORCE.
Cubans have a wonderful penchant for inventing things and their ingenuity knows absolutely no bounds when deciding on extraordinary names for their newborns. I think you might have got a couple of them now. Yusnavy comes from US NAVY; Mileidy, from My Lady. But I doubt you´ve got Yotúel. This cunning creation is Yo (Me), Tú (You) and El (Him – the baby) put together. Well, his proud mother told me – it was just that; me and him made El! It’s easy when you know how.
My very favourite is best when you hear it: Wal-di-náy, with the accent on the ´´nay.´´ Any ideas? Its written Waldisney – and it’s a direct take from the great animator himself, Walt Disney! Beat that, if you can.

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