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My Five Favourite Things To Do In Havana

by | Mar 14, 2016

Five favourite things to do in Havana

I’ve lived here for almost 20 years now but, maybe surprisingly, my favourite things to do in Havana haven’t changed that much. Is it because I experienced the majority of them when I first got here – in that first in-love flush – so they’ve stayed imprinted in my mind as exciting, joyful experiences? Or is it that they’re just as great as ever? It might be a mix of both – but, whatever, they still do it for me.

From jazz and mamet juice, to art and old American taxis

  • Good jazz at the Bellas Artes theatre or Café Miramar.
  • Relaxing on the sea-side, garden terrace of the Hotel Nacional with a pina colada – but only the ones made in the indoor bar; the one which is full of historic photos and memorabilia – off the patio terrace.
  • Sipping fresh mamet juice (delicious, avocado-textured, deep orange-coloured fruit) in the comfy and cool sofa area (at the back) of the bohemian Café Madrigal in Vedado.
  • Wandering around Old Havana and Vedado districts. (Vedado: any streets in the 8 x 17 blocks square: from Calles Linea to 23, and from Calle K to 10).
  • Keeping up with Havana’s vibrant contemporary art scene. Best galleries: Bellas Artes, Galeria Habana, Factoria Habana, Wilfredo Lam, Villa Manuela and Servando Cabrera.
  • Taking a crammed 10 pesos ride (local money, not cucs) with Cubans in an almendron (Old American collective taxis which run specific routes through the city).

If you fancy any of these delightful pastimes just contact the Esencia team and they’ll provide more travel ideas and when, where and how to do them. Let me know what you think.

Sue Herrod


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