Bespoke Cuban Holidays for the Discerning Traveller

Six mornings out of seven – at 7.50am sharp – there´s a loud bzzzzz and I know it’s time for me to simultaneously brush teeth, search frantically for keys, don trainers, fall over laces and fall out of the door. Gloria – la China – has arrived and we´re off on our morning mission – exercise; between 45 minutes to one hour of brisk walking, before the hot and humid sun hits in around 9am.
We used to walk in silence (my thing) but seem to have dropped that in favour of non-stop fat-chewing. So, over the months, I´ve got to know her quite well and have grown to deeply respect this feisty, 67 year old who has dealt with more things that I even knew existed, and overcome all of them, so far.
She followed in her father’s footsteps for awhile (alcohol) but successfully gave it up. She also has a heart condition – thus the daily walks. But since all this, whenever she learns that something is bad for her health – sugar, fat, aluminum pans, tight pants, ice cream bingeing – she has a way to quickly self-correct and simply erase the item.
Next month she´s due to have eye surgery; to correct a very long-standing condition that gets in the way of reading and writing. Once sorted, she plans to write a small book about her life – her luchas (struggles), beliefs and philosophies. This will include advice about how to stay fit, how to self-correct, how to keep going – persistently – against all odds, how to be good friend, and how to love well.
I´ll certainly be buying one.

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