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Reynier Luaces Gonzalez

The very positive thing about being a registered Cuban artist is that you receive a Government stipend that allows you – albeit very humbly – to survive and keep working. But it’s not remotely enough to do basic things like publicise yourself, print up business cards or to pay for representation. And for someone living in Remedios – a further 50 kilometeres away from Cuba´s third city of Santa Clara – it’s even harder.

So Google this smiling young man and nothing at all will come up. Which is a big shame. Trained in the well-respected Santa Clara School of Art, in the very centre of the island, the talented 25 year old deserves a much more prominent public profile.

The saving grace, however, of living in the lovely town of Remedios is that once a year you are visited by a veritable tsunami of visitors – both national and international – and its then – during its legendary fireworks extravanganza “Las Parrandas” that Luaces Gonzales gets seen and sells pretty well.

Temporary Life Picture by Reinier Luaces Gonzalez

Temporary life by Reinier Luaces Gonzalez

Reynier works both as a painter and sculptor, describing his work as “contemporary exspressionism” almost exclusively concerned with ” …the nature and melancholia of human solitude….within contemporary life, within a utopian vision”.

Red, untitled, painted for an ex-love by Reinier Luaces Gonzalez

Red, untitled, painted for an ex-love by Reinier Luaces Gonzalez

His small, often long-necked subjects can seem, at first glance, quite passive, but they are moving and powerful. Even more so his larger format painting such as this (red, untitled, painted for an ex-lover) which Reynier confesses he slept on for a couple of restless nights– as though it was a mattress – when they spilt up.

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To see more of Gonzalez’s work and learn more about art around the country, take one of our art tours where you get the opportunity to visit a number of cities across the island and check out the local art scenes.

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