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by | Jun 22, 2015

Well, it’s all over bar shouting “Felicidades, La Habana! “(Congratulations, Havana!). As I write the 12th Havana Art Biennale is slowly being dismantled, officially ending   tomorrow, June 22nd. It’s been a joyous, if exhausting, month-long extravaganza of gallery, museum, public space and private house stopovers: sometimes chaotic and exasperating, more often simply inspirational. Here are a few of the highlights and delights for those of you who couldn’t be here.

Arles del Rio for the Havana Biennal, 2015

Arles del Rio for the Havana Biennal, 2015

A man-made beach captures public imagination

The ingenious stretch of beach (above) particularly caught the Cuban public’s imagination and transformed a small section of the normally rather bleak, concrete Malecon (Havana´s promenade) into a very popular and fun hang-out place for local people their families. An aide memoire (below, left) of our digitally-dependent and obsessive world by celebrated Cuban collective The Merger left many uncomfortable.


“Remember”, by The Merger, 2015

Alexandre Arrechea

Alexandre Arrechea


A room full of diverse work by the wonderful Alexandre Arrechea filled part of one floor of inspired curating at the Bellas Artes Museum (Contemporary, not Universal building), and this lovely, colourful, acrylic necklace (below) is part of an ongoing exhibition at the Fábrica de Arte Cubano (FAC).

Jewellry by Mayelin Guevara

Jewellry by Mayelin Guevara

What can I say? Don’t miss this great event next time round – very hopefully in 2017.

Sue Herrod


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