Bespoke Cuban Holidays for the Discerning Traveller

The Cuban dance scene – the most fun way to spend an evening!

Cuba, and particularly Havana, is known for its amazing carnivals and nightlife, and a huge part of this is its dance scene. The Cuban dance scene is world renowned, and with very good reason! You must experience the Cuban dance scene during your bespoke holiday with Esencia Experiences – especially if you’re here as a couple or a group of friends here celebrating – it’s the ultimate party!

The Cuban dance scene is world famous, and traditional dancing here combines a lot of different styles of dance. Danzon is the official dance genre of the country, and while it’s always exhibited at carnivals, it’s also on show most nights in the bars and clubs of cities across Cuba.

Cuban dances are recognisable as Latin ballroom types of dance, many of which actually originated here in Cuba. The Cha Cha Cha and the Mambo are two dances that were first shown on a dance floor on the island, and the Salsa, which is a combination of a lot of famous latin dances, is verypopular dance in nightclubs all over Cuba!

You don’t have to be a skilled dancer to join in with the fun – although many Cuban citizens dancing around you might seem like they are! If you want to enjoy an authentic evening of Cuban entertainment, you should definitely join in – after all, dancing is about letting go, mixing with the locals and enjoying yourself! We promise you won’t regret it.

And for a change of pace…

On a different, slightly quieter note, another popular dance style in Cuba is ballet. The island is home to the world’s largest ballet school – the Cuban National Ballet School – where almost 3000 pupils train in the art of the dance. While ballet may not be the type of dance you can join in with during a wild night out in Havana, it’s certainly a beautiful art form to take in and marvel at during your holiday. During your trip, enjoy a performance by the Cuban National Ballet, based in Havana, to witness the wonder for yourself.

You certainly must get involved with the vibrant dance scene of Cuba – it will make for an authentic, unforgettable night! If you have any queries about the best dance clubs to visit during your trip, please don’t hesitate to ask our experienced team, who will let you know.


If you are interested in a trip that is tailor-made to provide you with an unforgettable dance experience, take a look at the Cuba dance holidays we offer.

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