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I recently had the great pleasure to work with one of Cuba´s new, emerging classical pianists, Dario Martín, and I can tell you that he´s someone to really watch out for. More, unlike many other soloists, he´s also very open and interested to experiment. Duo Netzaj is just one of the surprising and very delightful outcomes of this more contemporary approach.

Founded in 2007, the duo is a first-rate collaboration between Martín and the wonderful young trumpeter, Fader Sanjudo. The result makes for compelling, moving and exciting listening and, if you enjoy contemporary classical music and happen to be in town when they play, I thoroughly recommend both of them – solo, and in their fine Duo.
The idea of Duo Netzaj is simply to do something different. A recent concert I attended (in the lovely Basilica Convent, Old Havana) gave us a clear and enjoyable taste of this: they bravely included both known and far lesser known pieces from the USA (Gershwin, Frank Campo), Mexico (Federico Ibarra) and Costa Rica (Marvin Camacho), amongst others.

Dario and Fadev are lovely, young people as well as excellent musicians so stay behind and chat after the performance for an extra treat.


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