Bespoke Cuban Holidays for the Discerning Traveller

2011 was certainly Qba Libre´s year. This wonderfully humorous, energetic and dedicated 11-piece band won all there was to win: TV, radio and music biz prizes, plus a recording deal with Havana´s Bis Music label. But all this has been a l-o-n-g time coming and their well-deserved, present, success sits firmly on solid foundations – more than 10 years hard grind – and under very tough circumstances indeed. Such were the difficulties – simply no money and few opportunities – that some band members were finding it hard to survive, to eat, let alone mend broken strings or replace clapped-out equipment.
Luckily all that has changed and Qba Libre bounce into 2012 with unrestrained optimism. Their innovative and irreverent mix of rock, hip hop, funk and Cuban styles has won them a loyal following of alternative youth, and the admiration of musicians and producers alike.
The other fine thing about this story is that the QB are very nice people, too. They never gave up – even when it looked like they might be forced to – and their achievement has only made them more generous and more committed to their music, and to their public. Their fans stuck by them through thick and thin and are equally delighted with their success. Don´t miss these wild, wayward lot – they are quality, pure fun and … their jive is jumpin´.


Learn more about the traditions of Cuban music and why it is so popular today, just look at Qba Libre!

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