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Full speed ahead: all aboard Havana´s YELLOW SUBMARINE Sky of blue and sea of green we already have but, until now, no place to rock/nod heads and sing out loud to the classics of the 60`s and 70`s. Luckily, the solution has popped up – and right at the end of my street, here in Vedado.

You might not know but Cuba is Beatles-crazy and has been since the Fab Four began. Their music was pretty much taboo here for many years but now there are numerous groups of aficionados plus an annual concert-homage to John Lennon. The memory of Lennon was also marked some 5 years ago by a lovely, larger-than-life bronze, seated informally on a local park bench and many people still go there – sometimes with a bunch of flowers – to pay their respects.
It’s a few steps away from this statue that the basement club – SUBMARINO AMARILLO – has recently opened and its worth a visit, if only to witness the phenomena of local people (mixed, but mainly young) totally immersed in the music of this era. The design is excellent – with hatches, tubes, pop art; bright, attractive but intimate colours– and the music and videos are quality, too. The founders – respected music journalist/critic Guille Vilar, and Beatles archivist/writer Ernesto Juan Castellanos – have been taken aback at its popularity (queues can be long) but are thrilled by its success.

So …Full speed ahead it is, Sgt. Cut the cable, drop the cable!

SUBMARINO AMARILLO: Calle 17, corner of 6, Vedado, Havana. Tuesday-Sunday 2-8pm; Recorded music/videos. Free entry. Tuesday-Sunday 9pm-2am; Live bands plus recorded music /videos. Entry 2 cucs. Reasonably-priced bar/snacks.


To experience Cuba’s music and dance culture in a venue such as the Submarino Amarillo, take one of our music and dance holiday tours.

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