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Swimming with Dolphins in Cuba

Sitting in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea; Cuba is lucky to be surrounded by an amazingly rich and diverse aquatic world. Cuba’s waters are home to a number of marine animals, none as famous as the dolphin.

Playful, spirited and intelligent, these animals are wonderful creatures, and to swim with dolphins in Cuba is an exhilarating experience. Whatever you find yourself doing in Cuba, make sure you find time to take an unforgettable dive with these magical mammals.

We are able to tailor-make a holiday for you which includes a dolphin encounter: the resorts of Varadero and Holguin are best setup for this, and there is a possibility of special trips out to sea to allow you to get up close to the dolphins.

Alternatively, there are a number of aquatic shows featuring dolphins that are scheduled throughout the island. Just ask us for more details.

Where Can I Swim with Dolphins in Cuba?

Delfinario in Varadero (Dolphinarium)

If you’re looking for somewhere to swim with dolphins in Varadero, then Delfinario (Dolphinarium) is the place to visit. Located in a natural mangrove lagoon near the Blau Varadero resort, the Delfinario dolphinarium is one of the best places to swim with dolphins in Cuba. You can swim with the mammals around four times a day (approximately 20 minutes each), which involves interacting and performing with the loveable creatures. There are also two dolphin shows daily where you can get your pictures taken with a dolphin without getting wet.

Rancho Cangrejo

An open-sea dolphinarium, the Rancho Cangrejo is an offshore excursion into the animal’s natural habitat. You are taken out by boat, where you can have more space and time (approximately 30 minutes) to interact with the dolphins. Interactions can vary but usually involve acrobatics, touching, jumping and even kissing.

Delfinario Cayo Guillermo

Looking for a place in Cayo Coco to swim with dolphins? Then the Delfinario Cayo Guillermo is definitely your best option. Whilst technically in Cayo Guillermo, this dolphinarium is located near the Hemingway Bridge that connects the island to Cayo Coco. Delfinario Cayo Guillermo has three semi-natural enclosures that allow for the circulation of seawater to bring in other fascinating members of Cuba’s marine kingdom. The interaction and swimming programs usually take place in the morning and afternoon.

Acuario Cayo Naranjo

If you find yourself looking for places to swim with dolphins in Holguin and Guardalavaca then the Acuario Cayo Naranjomay is the destination for you. Not too far from the Hotel Paradisus Río de Oro Resort & Spa, you’ll find the Acuario Cayo Naranjo aquarium. Guests of all ages are shown how to get the dolphins to clap and splash, and as a finale are taught to “surf” on the creatures. The aquarium also hosts spectacular seal and walrus shows that also features, you guessed it, dolphins. A meal can also be included with the amazing restaurant located at the aquarium.

How Much Is It to Swim with Dolphins in Cuba?

Swimming with dolphins in Cuba can vary in price. Varadero for example costs around 60 CUC (~£46), whilst other places can reach up to and just over 110 CUC (~£84) with the price being lower for children.
If you’re looking for more information regarding swimming with dolphins in cuba, don’t hesitate to ask us today.

For more animal experiences in Cuba, find out why one of our tailored holidays for animal lovers is the perfect getaway. You will have the opportunity to swim with dolphins, bird watch, go horse riding and scuba dive in Cuba’s warm blue waters.

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