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Luxury Villa Rentals in Cuba

Revolution chic has never quite been this good. Reclining poolside along the sleek lines of a 1950s home or an art deco mansion has brought retro glamour to the country’s accommodation market. Luxury Villa Rentals in Cuba, legal for the first time this year, allow pleasure-seekers to journey into retro living in a country where the past is lived in the present.

In the smart Miramar and Vedado suburbs of Havana, airy, modernist mansions with pools and terraces, the former homes of Cuba’s sugar plantocracy, entice the visitor as private bolt-holes away from the frenetic chaos of downtown.

An end-of-20th-century high-rise features a penthouse suite with an alfresco pool that overlooks the ocean and Malecón, Havana’s iconic seawall. Further west in smart Siboney, home to the wealthy in the 1950s, are grander homes in neocolonial Spanish design enveloped in lush tropical gardens and graced by come-hither pools.

Protocol houses, homes for foreign dignitaries, were once the houses of Cuba’s upper classes. Many are architect-designed and were created in large plots of land with skillful architectural strokes that deferred to the tropical climate. They are great for parties with grand outdoor spaces, large bedrooms, and private barmen on hand to mix up mojitos and  concierges to drive guests to Havana’s hotspots for after-hours glamour.

Despite glorious sugar white sand beaches and picture-postcard palms along the island’s north coast, seaside villas are a relatively new option for those seeking a beach hideaway. Mansions can now be found on the golden sands of Varadero, at Playas del Este, 15 minutes east of Havana and, on the idyllic cay of Cayo Santa María, is a rustic and romantic retreat.

Luxury Villa Rentals in Cuba provide you with the most relaxing experience the country has to offer, however, note that you can’t have it all. While butler, cook and concierge service are on hand, and everything from a signature smoke to a bar full of cocktails, to must-have tickets for a nightclub and yacht rental at Marina Hemingway, can be arranged, not every villa offers Wifi, flat-screen TVs or other luxury mod cons. Cuba can’t compete on sexy decor and ultra stylish interiors but then Cuba doesn’t offer quintessential Caribbean luxury… it seduces with so much more.



  • Day 1 One night at Penthouse suite, Vedado, Havana
  • Day 2 One night at Penthouse suite, Vedado, Havana
  • Day 3 One night at Penthouse suite, Vedado, Havana
  • Day 4 One night at Villa Zaida del Río, Cayo Santa María
  • Day 5 One night at Villa Zaida del Río, Cayo Santa María
  • Day 6 One night at Villa Zaida del Río, Cayo Santa María
  • Day 7 One night in modernist mansion, Vedado, Havana


If you are looking to leave the luxury of the villa and see some of the most wild and untouched scenery Cuba has to offer, take a look at our nature tours.

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