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Horse Riding Holidays in Cuba

Horses are an essential part of life in Cuba. They have always been used as a form of transport, and in the past decade, as fuel as become scarcer, the return of the horse as a form of urban transport has been marked. The clip-clop of a horse-drawn ‘bus’ is a common sound in a Cuban town, especially in the provinces, and mules are still commonly used as packhorses in mountainous areas. Though the horses are put to work, Cubans generally look after them well, and they tend be well fed and healthy, if smaller than the breeds common in Europe.

The appeal of horse riding in Cuba lies mainly in the fact that the landscapes are so wild and untouched. It’s also a brilliant way to get off the tourist trail and see villages and people who you’d never encounter during any organized tour. In rural areas, you’ll see a way of life lost to the industrialized farmers of the west: oxen and buffalo-drawn ploughs, and children driving goat-drawn carts for fun. There are countless stunning locations for riding, but some are better set up than others. The ethereally beautiful valley of Vinales in the west is great for a tailor-made tour, offering both a decent riding infrastructure and a wonderful landscape to explore. Eight kilometres from Trinidad, the Valle de los Ingenios, dotted with the ruins of sugar mills, is also lushly beautiful and well set up for riding. Otherwise, many of the larger tourist beaches offer short ride if you just want to canter through the surf.

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