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Cuba Medical Tourism & Cosmetic Surgery Holidays

Medical tourism and cosmetic surgery in Cuba is a booming industry. Even cynics would acknowledge that a great success of Cuba’s half-century-long Revolution has been the great number of well-trained doctors that the island has produced: more doctors per capita than any country in the world.

Cuba prizes its human resources in this area, and has even used Cuban doctors as bargaining tools on the world stage, sending doctors to Venezuela in return for cheap oil from Hugo Chavez, and sending doctors to relief projects in poverty-stricken neighbouring Latin countries in to build good will.

Now Cuba has wised up to the benefits of medical tourism: good news for those who want high-quality medical care at a low cost, and are prepared for travel to Cuba for medical treatment. Everything is on offer: from joint replacement and cancer treatment to eye surgery, night blindness, treatments for neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s, medical cosmetic surgery and drug and alcohol rehabilitation, at a 30 to 80 percent price reduction from US and European prices, depending on the treatment.

If you’re seeking plastic surgery in Cuba, don’t expect five-star luxury. The private hospitals are clean and comfortable, with cable TV, air conditioning and international food on offer. More importantly, the quality of care and attention you’ll receive is excellent. You can choose to recuperate on the beach afterwards.

If Cuba’s medical tourism isn’t what you’re after, you can experience the Cuban countryside and national parks with one of our luxury eco tours.

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