Bespoke Cuban Holidays for the Discerning Traveller

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Cuba is a fascinating place for foodies. As the Caribbean’s most diverse and multicultural island, Cuban cuisine is a fusion of Native American, Spanish, French, Chinese and African influences, to name a few. Cuba’s beautifully eclectic culinary offering is the reason why Esencia provides a range of food-oriented holiday itineraries and experiences, custom-made for a wide variety of palates.

Those looking to sample traditional Cuban food should seek out Moros y Cristianos (black beans with rice), Ropa Vieja (shredded beef) and Arroz Con Pollo (rice and chicken) — some of the most traditional Cuban recipes. You’ll find that most Cuban restaurants sauté or slow-cook their meats, often in citrus juices, and season them with spices such as cumin, bay laurel leaves, oregano and garlic. Twice-fried plantain slices called tostones are a popular Cuban appetizer, and Tres Leches Cake — a sponge soaked in three kinds of milk — is one of Cuba’s favourite desserts. Then there’s the Elena Ruz sandwich — a must. It’s prepared on white or brown bread and has a layer of jam on one slice, cream cheese on the other, and several thin slices of turkey in between. It’s named after a 1930s Cuban socialite who would often ask for this very specific combination.

Esencia Experiences has connections with all the best restaurants in Havana, Trinidad, Santa Clara and beyond. We make recommendations to ensure you dine well and avoid any disappointing meals. We reserve tables at Cuba’s best restaurants, cafes and bistros and work with local chefs to provide picnics and private dining experiences in some of Cuba’s most picturesque locales. And if food is the focus of your holiday, we offer specialised food tours in Havana and small group guided food experiences in places like Baracoa, Trinidad and Pinar del Rio, so you can understand and sample all the regional variations. Our tours are run by blogger and Cuban food expert Tanja Buwalda.

Prices for a 10-day food tour start at £2650 GBP per person, including accommodation, transport and food, but excluding flights. Drop us a line at for more information about our bespoke Cuban food holiday options.

If you are interested in a healthier lifestyle, take one of our 10-day health holidays to de-stress in the stunning natural surroundings of Cuba.

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