Bespoke Cuban Holidays for the Discerning Traveller

Twin Centre Holidays

Enjoy two destinations in one holiday with a twin centre or two centre holiday to Cuba. Esencia Experiences can help arrange bespoke twin centre holidays to Cuba in 2017 for those who want to truly say they have “done Cuba” – the largest island in the Caribbean. The benefit of a twin centre holiday is that you can soak up the charm, culture and beauty of two destinations in one unforgettable vacation.

Twin centre holidays amid the most beautiful scenery

Cuba is renowned for its scenery and beauty, and a twin centre holiday means you truly get to revel in it, rather than just enjoy a small pocket. Miles and miles of dazzling, talcum-white, sun-washed beaches, lapped by clear, blue Caribbean waters, guard the island, as does the magnificent coral reef – second in length only to the Great Barrier Reef. Marine life is abundant, including Cuba’s native Caribbean flamingos, which live in the shallow waters of Cayo Coco. But step onto the island from those crystal waters and you’ll discover a whole other world. Marshes, caves and mountains that climb into the sky. Fields and rolling hills covered with sugar-cane. Thick, lush rainforests teeming with flora and fauna. Pay a visit to the Pinar del Rio province, with its vast limestone karsts and thriving green tobacco plantations – the source of Cuba’s world-famous cigar industry. As with most places on Cuba, Pinar del Rio is a real treat for the eyes.

Historical Cuba

Booking a twin centre holiday to Cuba means you also get to delve deeper into the island’s rich and diverse history, and observe the influences of Cuba’s mixed Spanish, African and Chinese heritage on the traditions it holds dear today. Start at the very beginning by visiting the port of Baracoa, where Christopher Columbus landed in Cuba on his first voyage in 1492. Learn about the Cuban revolution at the Museo de la Revolucion, which is housed – appropriately – in the former palace of Cuban president and dictator Fulgencio Batista. Visit and explore Havana’s huge array of fortresses, castles and cathedrals. You can even experience a slice of 1950s American history in Old Havana, where 50s American cars line the streets and invoke nostalgia with their bulbous bonnets, colourful, gaudy paintwork and cheerful charisma.

Book a 2017 twin centre holiday to Cuba with Esencia Experiences

Twin centre holidays are a wonderful way of exploring the wonders that Cuba has to offer. Esencia Experiences can help make sure your twin centre holiday is a memorable and exciting experience for you and all the family. We offer a completely bespoke service and can arrange escorted Cuba excursions and tours to any of the island’s attractions, while you stay at the most prestigious hotels and villas. We have in-depth knowledge of the island’s beaches, museums, restaurants, nightlife and entertainment hotspots and musical and cultural events, which means we know how to deliver truly unforgettable Cuban holiday experiences.

So get in touch today and we will do everything we can to make sure your twin centre holiday to Cuba is everything you imagined it to be.

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