Bespoke Cuban Holidays for the Discerning Traveller

Cuba Holidays

Holidays to Cuba are not merely holidays, but enthralling cultural experiences. The largest, most diverse island in the Caribbean, Cuba offers beauty, adventure and mystique in equal measure.

Discover Cuba’s captivating history

A holiday in Cuba – a former Spanish colony – is a holiday steeped in history, where you can discover captivating stories about conquistadors, smugglers and buccaneers. The lush port of Baracoa, aka ‘The Town That Time Forgot’, marks the spot where Christopher Columbus landed in Cuba on his first voyage in 1492. Learn about the revolution at the fascinating Museo de la Revolucion, located in the former palace of president and dictator Fulgencio Batista. Hike up to Comandancia de la Plata, situated in the Sierra Maestra mountains; here you can see revolution leader Fidel Castro’s hideout, and where another major revolution figure, Che Guevara, made his remote broadcasts. And visit the city of Santa Clara, where the last battle of the revolution took place and where Che Guevara is buried.

Finally, experience an exuberant slice of American history in Old Havana, an unmissable treat. The streets of Old Havana are now a World Heritage Site and are dotted with vintage American cars from the 1950s, with bulging bonnets, colourful sun-bleached paintwork and bags of inimitable charisma.

Stunning scenery

If history isn’t your thing, perhaps art, beauty and culture is more to your liking. Cuban holidays are rich in these as well. Sun-washed, beautiful beaches surround you, as do dramatic, rolling mountains, forests, marshes, caves, lagoons and a magnificent coral reef. In fact, a quarter of the island consists of protected natural beauty and the coral reef is second in length only to the Great Barrier Reef. Supplementing the stunning work of Mother Nature that adorns the island are the beautiful creations of human hands. From the glamorous and eclectic mix of architecture in Havana, to the authentic cobbled streets and old colonial buildings of Trinidad, to the National Museum of Fine Arts, housing 47,000 stunning pieces – there is plenty to charm and inspire.

A completely bespoke service

If you are looking to holiday in Cuba, Esencia Experiences can help make sure your trip is an unforgettable one. With in-depth knowledge of the island’s best restaurants, nightlife hotspots and cultural events, including ballet and film festivals and the famous Cigar Festival, we can offer a luxurious and completely bespoke service. We arrange escorted Cuba excursions and tours to all of the island’s museums, beaches and attractions, whilst you are accommodated at the most excellent hotels, villas and private residences.

So if you are planning to visit Cuba this year, or you are arranging a last minute holiday to Cuba, get in touch with our experienced multilingual team in Havana, who will make it their mission to deliver the most enchanting and enthralling Cuban holiday of your life.

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