Bespoke Cuban Holidays for the Discerning Traveller

Inside Cuba

True Stories from the Heart of Cuba

Mi luna y mi sol – mi raison d’etre: Cuban kids

If Cubans were to read Tolstoy’s or Nancy Mitford’s comments about children they would be mortified. Tolstoy thought offspring ‘’…a torment, and not much else.’’ and Mitford retorted that she loved children ‘’…especially when they cry, for then someone else takes them... read more

POST OBAMA, POST JUMPIN JACK: Cuba in transition

The only topic of conversation to be had right now in Havana is about Barack Obama, the Rolling Stones, or both. US President Obama’s 3-day visit to Cuba ended last Tuesday, the Stones concert last night and the city is still reeling. Boeing 747’s, cutting-edge... read more

COMING TO CUBA? My top 10 things to pack

Lots of people write asking me what essentials they’ll need for their trip to Cuba. I know that some of these may sound like we’re going camping instead of luxury holidaying – but you’ll thank me later. From shoes and brollies to mosquito spray and safety pins... read more

My Five Favourite Things To Do In Havana

Five favourite things to do in Havana I’ve lived here for almost 20 years now but, maybe surprisingly, my favourite things to do in Havana haven’t changed that much. Is it because I experienced the majority of them when I first got here – in that first in-love flush –... read more

All the Presidents men: Yes, he’s coming!

President Obama is finally coming to Cuba! Only a week ago I told you that maybe President Barack Obama was coming to Cuba. Now it’s confirmed. In two weeks time (March 22nd, 23rd) he and the First Lady will be here. It’s a very big deal on many fronts and the first... read more

LIGHTING UP HAVANA: so is Obama coming?

The present transformation of Havana’s Old Town is breathtaking by anyone’s standards. Hotels, shops, bars and cafes are springing up all over, not to mention dozens of newly-renovated houses and apartments for rent. Few anticipated the pace or extent of all of this... read more

Havana’s magic green fingers: Alberto Perez

Years ago I remember being deeply moved reading about the man – a local, humble farmer – who planted over a million trees in France and, in doing so, transformed an entire region. I think I have just met Havana’s self-effacing equivalent: it’s the man who... read more

NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS: small but profound

One of the most common words used in Cuba is ‘’resolver’’ – to resolve. From food to housing, transport and travel it’s a constant here. So it’s interesting to talk about resolutions that carry a different meaning – those of the New Year – and ask three... read more

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