Bespoke Cuban Holidays for the Discerning Traveller

Experience the magic of Cuba as a family

If you are in touch with us here at Esencia Experiences to plan and organise a luxury holiday, it’s likely to be a special break for you and a loved one; Cuba is very popular with couples or groups of couples.

However, perhaps you would actually love to organise a family holiday in Cuba, or maybe you need to bring your children along with you on your trip. Many people seem to have concerns (as they would about any holiday destination) about whether Cuba is child friendly, and whether there is enough to keep children entertained during their holiday.

If you are bringing your family to Cuba and need some advice on what that will mean for your holiday, here is our quick guide to Cuba for families

You’ll certainly never be stuck for things to do

Cuba is a colourful, lively, vivacious country, and children and families will always be charmed by its welcoming, fast paced way of life. Children and teenagers are welcome on the majority of activities and experiences you want to explore, unless there are any obvious age restrictions; for example, anything involving alcohol will obviously be out of the question! One exhibition that has a heart for families, is incredibly colourful and definitely recommended is the United Buddy Bears show.

Cuba is family friendly

The majority of hotels and other accommodation you stay in during your holiday will be more than happy to cater to a family, and keep your children entertained. If you have any questions about this, please simply ask us when we are organising your accommodation, so we can ensure the place you stay is child friendly.

There is so much to experience out and about in Cuba

Slightly older children and teenagers will be fascinated by the cities and museums of Cuba, as there is so much intriguing culture and history to explore. Although, when you are in cities such as Havana, we would suggest always keeping an extra eye on the whereabouts of your family; things get get very crowded and fast paced!

The laid back atmosphere will make your family feel completely welcome

Cuba, like so much of the Caribbean, has a joyful, fun, friendly and warm approach to life; you and your family will feel comfortable, relaxed and welcome here. And most importantly, you will enjoy yourselves and make amazing memories so it is a holiday you’ll never forget!

Please contact us here at Esencia to begin organising your dream holiday in Cuba

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