Bespoke Cuban Holidays for the Discerning Traveller

You’ve heard of Havana – what other cities can you explore in Cuba?

Havana is certainly the most famous city in Cuba – and it’s definitely the first one you will have heard of! If you’re planning a holiday here in Cuba, we’re sure visiting the capital is firmly at the top of your list.

Havana really is a truly amazing place, and there’s so much there to see and do. From the crazy nightlife, music and dancing, to the intriguing history of the old colonial architecture, there’s something for everyone, and you’ll enjoy every moment of your time exploring. But, that doesn’t mean you have to ignore the rest of the island.

Here at Esencia, we specialise in planning custom, luxury Cuban holidays – visiting other cities on the island is definitely a must during your trip! There are other cities in Cuba that are just as exciting and interesting as Havana, and really worth visiting – let us tell you about just a few of them, and what you can experience when you visit…

Santiago de Cuba

Located on the South side of the island, Santiago de Cuba is renowned for its musical landscape, with famous Cuban musicians (such as Ibrahim Ferrer) being born in the city – it’s certainly left its mark on the place! If you’re interested in music, this is definitely the city to visit! By night, you can explore the music and salsa scenes, and by day, you can marvel at the local citadel; it’s an official world heritage site, and an amazing example of Spanish/American architecture.

Santa Clara

Santa Clara is a city located right in the middle of the island of Cuba, meaning it has no direct links to any beaches or the ocean, but the drive to the coast isn’t far at all! Santa Clara is a laid back, working city, where you can experience a slice of real Cuban, everyday life – the restaurants are excellent, and there is a beautiful park for you to relax in right in the centre of the town.


One of the oldest cities in Cuba is one of the perfect places to take in the history and culture of the whole island. As the city was founded along with the arrival of the sugar trade in the 1500s, it’s no surprise to find that the sugar industry is still evident today – the Valley of the Sugar Hills lies near the city, and is another world heritage site that’s well worth a visit. Also in the Trinidad area, you’ll find some of the island’s premier eco-tourism resorts, and beautiful beaches to spend your days feeling perfectly relaxed.

We hope we’ve convinced you that there’s more to Cuba than just Havana! Whatever you want to experience on your holiday, you can in one of our Cuban cities. If you’d like to start organising your very own, bespoke Cuba holiday, please contact us!

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