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by | Dec 21, 2015

America and Cuba have a very long history. Happily, this infamous relationship has recently come to a satisfying new chapter, with travel restrictions between the two countries being relaxed for the first time in generations. Now, Americans are able to travel freely into this beautiful country once more.

Cuba is now predicted to become one of the most popular destinations for American travellers looking for a picture perfect Caribbean holiday. It’s so easy to see why. Warm sunshine, a lively, colourful, carnival atmosphere, tropical seas, white sandy beaches, and vibrant cities bursting with culture. Who wouldn’t want to come and holiday here?!

Now that Americans can come and experience Cuba whenever they please, here are some of the things we would really recommend to travellers from the USA, as they plan their exciting first visit with us at Esencia Experiences…

Exploring Havana

Americans in Cuba should make Havana their first port of call. Not only is it the most iconic city in Havana, it’s also the most lively. This truly is where so much of the action takes place; from immersing yourself in the culture of the art galleries and museums by day, to partying the night away in the nightclubs of the city. Not to mention the mystical markets, the divine smell of the food stalls and the vintage atmosphere of the classic cars whizzing by! Havana is the city that embodies the electric atmosphere of Cuba, and visiting here gives you a glimpse into authentic Cuban life.

Partying at a carnival

Here at Esencia Experiences, we would always suggest that the most magical time to visit Cuba is during carnival season. This time of year is really seeing Cuba at its finest; the whole country is alive with the carnival spirit! The salsa music, the dancing, the brightly coloured costumes…this really will be an unforgettable experience!

Relax on the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean

If the wonderful chaos of the cities and the non-stop party of carnival season sounds a little bit more wild than you’d like, there is no where better for a change of pace than the simply stunning beaches of Cuba. Americans in Cuba will be blown away by the breathtaking, crystal blue Caribbean sea stretching out ahead of them, as they relax on the warm sand, possibly nursing an iconic Cuban Mojito! Ultimate bliss…

So, for all of the Americans who will soon be experiencing the beauty of Cuba for the first time, we hope our suggestions have inspired you to make the most of every last minute of your trip! Contact us now if you would like to include anything in your bespoke Cuban holiday….

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